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Monday, 21 March 2011

applause : )

assalamualaikum . 

hey ya ! today is mr. boifie's BIG day . currently , he is busy preparing himself for his BIG day . to be specific - tonight ! hee . i am extremely happy for you dear . betul ni , tak tipu tau . but dear , i feel a lil' jealous . 

yelaa , awak dapat DL kan sayang . mine wasn't that great . but alhamdulilah . ok lah ! forget about me . i just wanna talk about you and your big day . weee . 21st March 20011 is your dinner to celebrate all the DL's students . on top of everything , i wanna say --- CONGRATULATIONS to all of you . and the most important person is YOU - mr boifie . hee : )

source -- google image . 

Love , i really hope that you can enjoy tonight and spend your time wisely okay ? forget about me for a couple of hours . hee . enjoy your dinner : ) i have a few advise for you : 
  1. makan kenyangkenyang taw . FOC btw . haha .
  2. oh , before i forget . do bring your tupperware okay . *and make sure it's big enough*
  3. can you like balik awal for me pleasee . haha *joking*
  4. please please please take lots and loottss of pictures dear . 
  5. don't naughty naughty dear . *winkwink* -- jealous .
Love , i am so proud of you . i really do . glad you choose me to be your girl instead of others when there're so much choice out there . and i wanna give a big round of applause to you Love . and congratulations on your success . 

i think that's all for now . till then . see ya ! 

p/s : thanks for reading : ) 

3 luahan:

princess said...

ilysm Love


saya sayang awk sgt2 b....
thnx ea b...
awk adalah semangat sy sayang...
awk adalah dunia sy sayang...
awk adalah segalanye utk sy sayang...
terima kasih utk semuanye babyku....

princess said...

terima kasih utk segalanya jugak Love . u're my only ONE . u made my world shine when i feel there's no more sunshine . hee :)