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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hadiah untuk Mak Ayah Tersayang.


Hai semua. Korang apa khabar? Hopefully everyone is doing great. Memandangkan sekarang ni bukan sahaja musim sejuk di oversea sana, dan juga musim Convocation, Ain rasa amat bertapatan dengan tema kita lah hari ini. Cerita pasal hari Konvokesyen Ain. Happy reading people.

Disember 2009. 

Ain teringat lagi time mula mula daftar masuk kolej and U. Mak dan ayah hantar. All the way from Klang to Malacca. On my way, kentalkan hati. Rasa macam tak perlu nak menangis bagai. I'm big enough, 19 years old at that time.

Bila mak dan ayah hantar kat kolej, time tu mula dah hati ni meronta ronta. Feeling macam ada dekat airport.  Macam lah nak pergi belajar dekat Australia bagai. Melaka je pun okaaayyyy. Tapi serious sedih. Basah mata time tu. Tiba tiba ada sorang akak senior ni tegur pulak. Macam nak pukul je akak tu. Tapi tak jadi nak pukul. Sebab saya baikkk. Yes.

Hadiah dari SAHABAT :)

July 2012.

Tamat sudah pengajian selama 2.5 tahun dekat Melaka. Last paper exam tu kitorang happy gilaaaa. Siapa tak happy gila lah kot. Few days later, we're so busy packing up. Barang satu sem je pun tapi mak aihhh, punyalah banyak. I am so grateful to have parents who are willing to fetch me there. Penuh bonet kereta.

Few months passed by. Rindu kat zaman bergelar students tak payah nak cakap lah kan. Even kita tak perlu nak stay up late, minum Nescafe Latte bagai hanya untuk bagi celik dan segar mata ni. But somehow, I missed those moments. Baru berapa bulan. Nanti lepas 3 4 tahun mesti lagi rindu kan.

Friends, lecturers and people that we knew and met throughout the journey to get our Degree. It was AMAAAAAAZING. Too amazing that I don't wanna changed every single moments. Allah had planned it beautifully for me in fact. Thanks Allah.

November 2012. 

Hari yang ditunggu tunggu telah pun tiba. Tanggal 26 November Ain dan kawan kawan lain dianugerahkan Ijazah. I was extremely happy. Only Allah knows. After all the hard works, those nights that I stayed up late, the shaking ever feeling during presentation, those quizzes, tests and etc. Banyak kot kalau nak sebut. Berbaloi sangat untuk semua pengalaman tu.

Okay. Ain rasa cukuplah tu membebel. Let the pictures do the talking.

muka bahagia. Alhamdulilah

My bestfriend/twin/sister/gossip girl etc

My Bestfriends from high school :)

meet Farah. she's so nice

Here's Wani. She loves pink.
This is Eliza. She is my BEST present of the day.  From Wellington

Meet Azreen. I knew her when I was Form 2 :)
With Azreen's boyfriend, Zulhilmi.

BFF. I love them.

Atie. I miss her.

Tya. My dear friend.
Diyana. XOXO girl. 
I think that's all. Letak gambar lagi banyak kang takut ada orang terpengsan pulak. So, to play safe. Cukup lah setakat ini. Yippie. Sedih jugak actually sebab tak dapat ambil gambar with other XOXO girls. Tapi takpelah. Takde rezeki. Nasib baik sempat buat photoshoot on Pre-Graduation day. heee. Thanks to Zaza for her brilliant ideas.

Ain nak ambil kesempatan ini untuk ucapkan tahniah kepada semua kawan kawan Ain yang dah officially graduated or soon to be graduate. No matter what classes of Degree we ended up with, it is ourselves that determine our future. Well of course with Allah's willing. A million thanks to my dearest family who woke up very early in the morn just to attend my big day and waited until afternoon. It's killing actually. With thousands of people and not mentioning the weather. But Alhamdulilah you guys really made my day. Your presence (mak ayah and little sisters) was the best gift that I ever have.

Mak ayah, ini lah hadiah untuk mak dan ayah. Kejayaan anakmu. Waahhh gituu. In sha Allah, I'll work harder in the future to pay you back. Even I know you would never asked for it. Thanks Allah. For such an amazing day that You gave me.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. May tomorrow be better than yesterday. In sha Allah :)


Selingan. Sila abaikan manusia itu.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tips to stay BEAUTIFUL and fresh all day.

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

First of all, I would like to say 'Selamat Berpuasa' to all Muslims all over the world. I guess it is not too late. If so, sorry. Better late than never isn't it?

This is my very first attempt to write to full set of entry in English. So, fasten your seat belt, lean back and happy reading! : )

Why bother to write in English if you can just simply *snap fingers* write in Malay?

I want to improve my writing and speaking skill in English you know. Well yeah, I'm speaking as I'm writing this.

Okay. Who want some tips to stay BEAUTIFUL on this coming Hari Raya? I bet every girls do. Girls love beauty because they are beautiful. Read my lips people. biyutiful! Wrong spelling! Beautiful, yeah that's the exact spelling.

Enough of talking nonsense, here are some tips that I believe will be helpful for anyone who care to look fresh after visiting families and friends during Hari Raya.

1. Tissues, handkerchief, baby wipes

Ladies. Please pay attention. Please bring along the above mentioned stuffs in your little/huge/cute handbag. If you do not have any handbag/pouch/or what-so-ever bag, don't be shy to carry your own Tesco/Mydin Go Green bag okay? Tissues/handkerchief/baby wipes is very useful by the time you stepped out of your car.

You may find out that your hand is sweating badly, your forehead is sweating like a raining day and etc. You may use these things to wipe it. This will eventually keep you out of sweat. By other mean, you are sweat-FREE. yeaaahhh! then you are free to shake all the aunties and uncles' hand to get angpau.

2. Touch up

This is quite an important part. After a long journey let say from Klang, Selangor to Serting, Negeri Sembilan which about 3hours journey, you might not want to look miserable am I right? So, it is important for you to touch up your make up that you have put earlier. Do you want your cousins to laugh at your silly and messy look? I don't. Remember to put some light make up like lip gloss/lipstick/compact powder so that you'll feel fresh, beautiful and amazingly look beautiful!

Make up girls

3. Dryness

Hari Raya is about visiting families and friends right? So, we will be visiting like 5 houses in a day or it could be more. There might be a situation where you feel uncomfortable to sit together with the relatives because of your odour/smell. Here is what you can do to keep dry and smell good. While in the car, turned on the air condition or open the window. This will make you sweating beautiful baju kurung to dry faster. Hence, you will no longer afraid to be sitting on the table eating ketupat and rendang. Or you can also wear you deodorant. Just roll it baby!

It smells good 

4. Tummy

Please pay extra attention to your tummy. It might get bigger as it will expand to another level. I can hear some girls are screaming over there. Chill! Hari Raya is Muslims celebration after successfully fasting in Ramadhan. During Hari Raya, they will be enjoying foods like ketupat, rendang or any other dishes depends on the location/country that you are in of course. After one month of fasting, most of us will  be eating crazily. This ain't good peeps. *reminder to myself* Be moderate in whatever that you're consuming. Seriously. Eat 1 piece of ketupat palas and kuah lodeh in Pak Long's house. Later in Mak Ngah Una eat 5 pieces of her delicious layered kek/kek lapis. This will eventually resulted in a flat and nice tummy : )

Flat tummy : )

5. Teeth

After eating rendang tok, assam laksa, kuah lodeh and etc remember to check your teeth. Please. It's important. Or else DON'T smile or talk to anyone. -.-" Seriously, please check your teeth so that there'll be no unwanted food stuck on your teeth. Ask your twin sister whether your teeth is clean or not? too shy to ask people? Silently run/walk to the toilet and look at the mirror. This will make your pretty smile even prettier . Keep smiling : )

jom bersugi : B

As for your information, this useful tips I obtained from my reading. Let show some care by sharing useful information/knowledge. Reading is a good habit. Provided that you read positive articles/books/magazines. Come and join me to follow all the tips (if possible) so that we will be the most beautiful woman on earth on this Hari Raya or every day!

Lastly, happy fasting every one. Don't forget your responsibility to pay Zakat. Let grab the pahala people because Ramadhan is leaving us :'(

Thank you for reading and have a great day darlings! From the very bottom of my heart : )

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the people who coloured my student life

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

salam rabu , salam habis exam , salam Ramadhan (motif apekah?) tak tahu apa motif so sila abaikan .

tuan empunya belog menghadapi post examination syndrome (PES) . ada ke penyakit ni ? entah macam takkan . ain student accounting so i have no idea about those syndrome thingy . so ain just letak je ape yang ain rasa comel and cool ? wait !! comel/cool ke ? entah . it's up to your guys . 

disebabkan PES , so ain nak buat something yang dah berkurun lama ain tinggalkan . ye , blogging . so the very first step yang ain ambil is - edit pictures . wah gituuu . so , tak payah segan segan . meh jemput tengok gamabar yang dah terhidang kat bawah ni sambil makan durian D24 yang bapak bawak pulang tadi 

Our last event together as a student - High Tea Breakfast with the 8's

so macam mana ? comel belaka tak ain dan kawan kawan ain . ape ? comel sangat ? thanks you all ! ilebiu (i love you) nah chokichoki ni p main jauh jauh . esok lusa puji lagi taw tawww .

'kau dah kenapa ain?' suara hati kecilku berbisik . kihkihkih

okaylah rakyat jelata sekalian . that's it for now . till me meet again in the next entry . ain akan berceloteh mak joyah panjang lebar untuk pembaca blog kesayangan ain yang seciput ni : ))

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

perhatian : sila tutup hidung sebab gambar dalam entri ni agak berhabuk dan berdebu kemain . maaf kepada yang allergic habuk macam saya  . 

ayat seterusnya ni memang cliche kemain . tapi sila abaikan dan baca lelaju okay ? disebabkan keadaan sebagai seorang pelajar yang sangat sibuk , jadi dahku 'ter'abai kan belog dahku ini . kesian , padan muka ! muehehe . jadi oleh sebab itu , dahku memberi napas baru kepadanya - tukar sana sikit sini sikit . . . tadaaaaa . siap pun . pada dahku belog ni dah cukup cantik lah tu *perasan* . YAY ! mission accomplished ! ^_____^ senyum lebaaaarrrr . 

Member Of Bachelor Accountancy (MEBA) Club
actually , i was about to tell a story - perasan diri story teller terbaik sekolah . *sila jangan mengantuk . seriously , i mean it* BULAN LEPAS . yes betul , tak payah dok gosok gosok mata . memang betul tu bukan optical illusion . hehe . last month , my classmates and i join a futsal tournament . inter-part within the faculty itself . meaning the juniors against the seniors . disebabkan last years kitorang dah pernah main , so kitorang cepat cepat sign up for the game . pergi training bagai . even kelam kabut dengan players yang tak cukup . belasah aje lah , redah je court futsal tu . muka perlu nampak yakin . dalam hati macam nak menjerit dan meraung raung sebab macam menyesal datang . tengok semua pihak lawan macam hebat hebat . betul babe , ain tak tipu dorang memang hebat ! :'( 

masa tu nak menyesal pun dah tak guna . takkan nak tarik diri last minute kan . malu je . baik terus cekalkan hati untuk main kan ? hueuheww . memandangkan ni last sem kitorang dekat kampus so better kitorang try je kan . menang kalah adat permainan *ayat cover takut kalah* . sampai je Arena Sports Klebang kitorang laju laju pergi warm up . sambil doa banyak banyak . 

group lelaki

group perempuan

cuba korang semua tengok nama kumpulan yang bertanding . ada yang macam tak ada kaitan langsung . tapi atas dasar kreativiti dorang pun guna nama tu . nama team ain -- JANGAAAAAN ! sehari sebelum bertanding kitorang baru pecah kepala nak pilih nama team . lepas duduk bincang , kitorang semua setuju lah letak nama ni . macam hampeh pun ade , tapi unik kan . hehe 

okay ain . enough of babbling . cut it short pleaseee *suara hati* okay , to cut it short , we managed to enter the semi final . Alhamdulilah . on top of that , we were qualified for the final . Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah . tapi yang terpaling AWESOME nye nak tahu ape tak ? we won the FIRST place . yeaaaahhh baby . you rock girls ! oppppss , over ke ? maaf kan dahku *susun sepuluhjari* . Alhamdulilah . syukur sangat sangat . 

left to right : mira , tya , kak fana , sarah . zaza , dyan and me !

sangat happy . seriously . siapa yang tak happy bila menang meh habaq kat cheq . hehe . mungkin sebab kitorang sangat tak expect dapat masuk final apetah lagi dapat jadi johan *cewaaah gituu* . tu yang bersorak kemain lagi *dalam hati ku panjatkan kesyukuran* . we're just playing for fun . tapi time final game tu ain macam nak pengsan dah . penat yang amat sangat . siap terjerit dari dalam court sambil bertanya pada en.boyfriend masa yang tinggal di saat game tengah sengit 0-0 . sengit ke ? entah bedal jelaaa . hikhik . last minute di saat kitorang menerjah gawang gol pihak lawan akhirnya kaki zaza berjaya menendang perlahan bola ke dalam gol . pheeeewww . lega , alhamdulilah . 

ku sangkakan panas sampai ke petang , rupanya hujan di tengah hari . masa masih panjang lagi . so kiranya pihak lawan still boleh kejar kitorang dan serang kitorang kan . so ape yang ain fikir masa tu ? ain cuma berharap masa habis . sebab itulah ain terjerit dari dalam court bertanyakan saki baki masa yang tinggal . "lagi 3 minit," kata en.boyfriend . *dah kenapa macam novel ada dialog bagai . tak faham* ain dan kak fana selaku defender hanya fikir nak defend gol kitorang dari kena attack je . lepas 3 minit , referee tiup wisel ! perasaan time tu kan , entah lah . tak tahu macam mana nak describe . semua ada , campur campur . macam air batu campur *sedap nyaaaa . esok nak pergi Seksyen 2 Shah Alam . motip ? minum ABC*

meh sediakan mata korang untuk tengok gambar yang berjuta juta lemon ni . are you ready ? 


izzat , amin Lai , amin (ehem2) , yusof , daniel , fadhil

phewiiittt , Messi in the house yaaww !

while waiting for the next match : B

batch part 8 juara keseluruhan tahuuuu . hikhik

beloved classmates for 2 and half years : )

after the game . senyum paling ikhlas . heee

the players . tengok baju sedondon kan . suke sukeee 
 segala penat lelah pergi training and injured semua terasa amat berbaloi lepas menang . hikhik . no pain no gain . fyi , this coming 10th June we're going to another futsal tournament before we leave the campus :'( so ladies and gentlemen , can you guys do me a favor ? do pray for our success will you ? thank you so much . sayang lebih lah macam ni : D

with beloved coordinator , Pn Zaharah : ) 
so , i guess that's it . sorry for those who think this was a boring entry . for those who don't thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much ! last but not least 

"Night is LONGER than day for those who DREAM . 
and day is LONGER than night for those who make their DREAMS come true"

thanks for reading and have a nice day peeps . wishing you all Good Night & Sweet Dreams ! *don't let the bug bite* teheeee : D

Thursday, 19 April 2012

kesayangan saya . let's meet them

assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

okay people . how're you doing ? kepada semua students degree yang akan start korang punya mid term break mulai esok , ain harap korang still datang kelas . even hari korang cuma ada SATU kelas sahaja . and esok pun ada SATU je . macam ain ! kesian kan . rasa macam nak terus balik hari ini pun ada tahu . tapi takpe lah . tunggu satu hari je lagi . esok dah balik ! yay ! *lompat lompat atas katil* hehe

i bet many of you have your own pet . pet ialah haiwan peliharaan . it is not necessary that your pet is a cat . it could be that you are so into reptiles . which of course i am not . awal awal lagi dah tolak jauh jauh . kalau ada siapa nak hadiah kan ain mengkarung ke , biawak hidup ke even biawak yang dah mati sekalipun , you better don't do it . pleaseeee *merayu ni* i just dont like reptiles . enough . but for those who love them , you have my full respect . *tabik*

pada suatu hari , mr.boifie menghadiahkan ain 2 ekor Beta Splendens . apakah ? nak suatu hari bagai ? ingat ni story telling ke ? hehe .  haaa , mesti korang tak tahu kan apa ke binatang Beta tu ? Beta Splendens tu nama saintifik ikan laga . jangan nak  buat  muka pelik atau terkejut sangat lah . tak payah . buat muka biasa je okay .   disebabkan excited kemain dapat my FIRST PET of my ENTIRE life , jadi gelojoh nak bagi nama . HAHA . nak tahu nama apa yang kitorg bubuh (bagi) untuk our pet tu ? naaaaaaahhh ! tengok dulu gambar depa . comel tahu you all .

berenang riang ria ke sana ke mari : )
meet my new pet ! seekor warna merah . lagi seekor warna biru . thanks tau mr.boifie . sebab bagi ikan ni kat saya . suka  gila . dah lama kitorang cari . merata cari tapi last last jumpa . yahoooo . kenapa ikan laga ? kenapa bukan ikan emas ? kenapa bela dalam tupperware isi kuih raya ? amboi , sabar sabar . banyaknya soalan . kepada yang tertanya tu , meh ain jawab eh . 

kenapa ikan laga ? sebab mr.boifie kata nak jaga dia senang . dah lah cantik , senang jaga . dapat tenangkan fikiran yang serabut memikirkan masalah dunia dengan hanya tengok mereka berenang . betul ni , tak tipu . tak percaya ? try lah beli . tak pun tengok je ikan kat dalam akuarium rumah jiran sebelah . mesti korang rasa tenang . kenapa bukan ikan emas ? sebab nanti orang curi ikan ain then jual . ikan EMAS lah katakan . hehe . lagipun ikan emas perlukan udara dalam air tu . macam leceh sikit lah . ain suka benda yang simple je . kenapa bela dalam balang kuih raya ? sebab kan busy dengan assignments yang super melambak , jadi kitorang main grab je bekas ni dekat kedai . tapi kitorang ada plan nak tuka bekas dia . don't worry . 

peeps , meet meme (left) and ruru (right)

ini lah dia . meme and ruru . ikan laga saya dan mr.boifie . dorang 2 ekor ni lah peneman ain study memalam . sewaktu ms.roomate sedang asyik dibuai mimpinya . even they cant talk , but by just looking at them i feel so relieved , relaxed and many other feeling that only the person who have this pet would understand . ayat nak over kan .  tapi memang serious best . the feeling . no words could describe it . so memandangkan cuti mid term ni seminggu , so i'm planning to take them home . naik bas . all the way from Malacca to Klang . merasa lah dorang naik bas . ikan lain tak dapat tau . 

kenapa nama dia pelik kemain ain oiiii ? meme dan ruru , pelik sangat ke ? siapa boleh teka kenapa ain bagi nama tu ain bagi korang baca blog ain secara percuma . hahah . actually , meme dapat nama tu sempena badannya berwarna MERAH , ruru pulak sebab warna dia BIRU . unique isn't it ? nama ni atas persetujuan kami berdua tau . bukan ain syok sorang je . 

so , macam mana dengan kesayangan bucuk bucuk ain ni ? best kan . korang ada haiwan peliharaan kesayangan jugak tak ? jom lah share . ain pun nak tahu . 

thanks for reading and have a great day people . 

Friday, 13 April 2012


assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

officially , starting from tomorrow onward i'll be sitting in an examination . fuuhhh fuuhh . please go away all the laziness . seriously this is bothering me . what can bother you most than having a straight 4 papers in 3 days ? nothing i guess . *omongan seorang pelajar* kesian sungguh . 

okay peeps , let's cut it short . 15th April is my anniversary and i'm having an examination . yet , i can still smile . senyum tak perlu kata apa apa . even terpaksa postpone any celebration plans . padan muka ain +.+ "

soo , to all accounting students in my Uni i wish you all the best in your common test . especially dearest friend . yeahhh , you know who you are . nak kena mention ke ? ramai sangat . segan lah . heuheuheu . and mr.boifie jugak . 

loveeeee : )

thanks for reading . may you have a great weekend ahead . sebab ain punya weekend diselubungi tests . piluuuuuuu 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

hello new semester ! last semester indeed : )

assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

hello hello everyone . tuan punya belog ni masih wujud tahu . kikiki

oh my god ! almost three months ain tak update cerita dekat blog kesayangan ni . mesti cik belog ini dah macam merajuk kan ? kasihan sungguh . nak buat macam mana , time semester break hari tu ain 24/7 dekat rumah . with no internet facilities , how would i update stories . pity me . yeaaaah , i feel like crying now . okay , itu over . dush dush deshuummm =.='

this week is my third week in semester 8 , which will be my last semester as a student insyaAllah . jom tadah tangan dan doa sama sama supaya ain dapat graduate by this year . amiiinnn . oh ye ye , kita doa untuk semua sekali okay ? fair enough ? heeee . so since kitorang baru start semester , my friends and i decided to chill out and have a BABIES' GIRLS' DAY OUT . memandangkan kami ini student dan tak punya kereta , jadi kitorang jelajah jusco dengan menaiki bas . kelaaaaasss kan ? 

pagi pagi lagi kitorang dah gerak dari rumah . breakfast ala kadar then terus gerak laju laju pergi jusco . excited bukan main . sebabkan time tu tak ada sale , so kitorang pun plan nak pergi karaoke . early birds dapat free 1jam . so memang berbaloi lah kan kitorang jalan laju laju pecut semua orang untuk rebut offer tu . bagus kan budak budak U ni . opppppssiie . 

since this is girls' day out , korang sure boleh imagine kegilaan kitorang dalam bilik karaoke itu . tapi masih lagi ingat mak ayah . alhamdulilah . happy mak ayah ain kalau dorang tahu . ehh , ye ke ? entah . so basically , there were 5 of us . ain , tiqah , dyan , zaza and tya . bilik tu sangat besaaaarr . i mean it . it HUGE okay . it can fit like 10-15 people at a time . kalau tak percaya , tolonglah percaya . hehe

this is US . the XOXO girls , babe : )

my beloved desk-mates ever since the first semester . from left tiqah , ME , fiza
sorry tya . you were note in this picture . nota kaki comel : tya is the camerawoman . that's why she wasn't in this picture . no offence okay girl .  nampak tak kepatuhan kami terhadap rules U . kad matrik haruslah kekal tersangkut kat leher . kalau tak , bak meh RM50 . sedekah dekat pegawai keselamatan . memang tak lah kan . sebab itu lah , kitorang ni patuh pada arahan . heee . 

i guess that is for now . ain ada appointment with mr.boifie . so i got to go , i'll catch you guys later . oh ya ! i wanna play badminton tomorrow night . wanna join me ? let's have a healthier way of life . thin doesn't mean that you are healthy . but once you are healthy then you'll look beautiful . sounds weird huh ? just forgive and forget . 

thanks for reading . have a great day people . love you all (perasan famous amos je lebih)


Thursday, 5 January 2012

insiden di office .

assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

pagi tadi , as usual ain buat kerja at my own place . masa tengah syok syok buat kerja , all of sudden one of my senior sreamed out loud . yes ! she was screaming loudly until she cried . sangat kesian . i was shocked at first . sebab ye lah kan , tengah buat kerja tiba tiba ada orang menjerit dan dia nangis . pheww , nasib baik pagi buta . kalau dengar time tengah malam , mahu menangis i jah . lepas tu terus buat buat pengsan .

korang mesti pelik . like why did she screamed at ? okay here the story goes . lately , our office has been attacked by a monster . jeng jeng jeng . creepy enough ? hikhik . and the monsters weren't that big actually . but well , we are ladies kan . of course we were afraid . binatang sekecil kerengga pun nak takut . and as adorable as a butterfly yet some people afraid of . some people okay .

nak kenal tak dengan monster yang cukup hebat tu ? hikhik . hebat what . sebab kitorang kat office ni semua takut . takut sangat kalau terserempak dengan beliau . so , that's why there's one day my colleagues tabur belerang all over the places .

amaran ! gambar dibawa kurang elok untuk ditonton oleh ibu ibu mengandung , atau cewek cewek yang takut kan haiwan ini . tak nak sebut nama , nanti dia datang .

tak sanggup nak tengok . takuuuut .

takuuuuuuuuut tak ? ain takut sikit je . hebat lah katakan . hikhik . padahal duduk bersila kat kerusi takut si dia melintas . no way ! korang pun mesti cuak cuak kan ? takkan lah ain sorang yang takut . tak fair lah macam ni T.T walaupun takut , tapi still nak google gambar dia . berani lah jugak kiranya kan .

korang pernah dengar tak orang cakap yang kalau kita marah marah tikus tikus ni , nanti dia lagi buat perangai . meaning dia tak lagi buat aktiviti dia senyap senyap . so , kita kena diam kan ? atau alternatif lain tulis dalam blog . macam ain buat ni ? hekhek .

what would you guys do if you're in my shoes ? refer kasut sendiri . hehe . laju laju call pest control ? or maybe korang akan letak racun tikus . tapi tapi , kalau depa dah mati siapa pulak yang nak jadi Mr. or Mrs. Great untuk angkat mayatnya lalu dibuang ke dalam tong sampah ? ain laju laju dah lari keluar dari tempat kejadian . bukan takut , tapi saja nak bagi chance orang lain jadi superhero . oooh , sangat baik hatiku .

kalau comel dan pandai masak macam dia ni takpe : P

even lepas tengok cerita ratatouille enampuluhempatkali sekalipun ain tak kan berani punyalah . dalam cerita tu bukan main lagi comel lagi . siap pandai masak bagai . but the fact is mice/mouse/rat CANT COOK ! kenyataan kan .

so nak dijadikan cerita . pagi tadi , si cik Ti ni keluar bersiar siar kat dalam office . the BAD news is dia keluar dekat tangga nak naik ke atas . so my senior was about to climb the stairs . tu yang dia ternampak cik Ti tu . apa lagi , member yang memang takut tu pun jerit lah kuat kuat . ain pun terpinga pinga . apa pasal ayat skema rama . tak ada motif. mula mula dia macam ketawa , tapi lepas tu dia menangis . kesian kesian . ain tak gelakkan okay . trust me : )

and the GOOD news is bukan ain yang terjumpa dengan cik Ti tu . yabedabeduuuuu . okay , this might sounds evil or even cruel to some people , tapi betul lak kan . korang nak ke terserempak dengan dia ? tepuk dada perlahan lahan tanyalah diri sendiri . teheeee : P one thing that i learnt today , don't talk bad about others . it will cause you harm . heeee .

so , that's all peeps .

thanks for reading and have a great day : )