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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tips to stay BEAUTIFUL and fresh all day.

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

First of all, I would like to say 'Selamat Berpuasa' to all Muslims all over the world. I guess it is not too late. If so, sorry. Better late than never isn't it?

This is my very first attempt to write to full set of entry in English. So, fasten your seat belt, lean back and happy reading! : )

Why bother to write in English if you can just simply *snap fingers* write in Malay?

I want to improve my writing and speaking skill in English you know. Well yeah, I'm speaking as I'm writing this.

Okay. Who want some tips to stay BEAUTIFUL on this coming Hari Raya? I bet every girls do. Girls love beauty because they are beautiful. Read my lips people. biyutiful! Wrong spelling! Beautiful, yeah that's the exact spelling.

Enough of talking nonsense, here are some tips that I believe will be helpful for anyone who care to look fresh after visiting families and friends during Hari Raya.

1. Tissues, handkerchief, baby wipes

Ladies. Please pay attention. Please bring along the above mentioned stuffs in your little/huge/cute handbag. If you do not have any handbag/pouch/or what-so-ever bag, don't be shy to carry your own Tesco/Mydin Go Green bag okay? Tissues/handkerchief/baby wipes is very useful by the time you stepped out of your car.

You may find out that your hand is sweating badly, your forehead is sweating like a raining day and etc. You may use these things to wipe it. This will eventually keep you out of sweat. By other mean, you are sweat-FREE. yeaaahhh! then you are free to shake all the aunties and uncles' hand to get angpau.

2. Touch up

This is quite an important part. After a long journey let say from Klang, Selangor to Serting, Negeri Sembilan which about 3hours journey, you might not want to look miserable am I right? So, it is important for you to touch up your make up that you have put earlier. Do you want your cousins to laugh at your silly and messy look? I don't. Remember to put some light make up like lip gloss/lipstick/compact powder so that you'll feel fresh, beautiful and amazingly look beautiful!

Make up girls

3. Dryness

Hari Raya is about visiting families and friends right? So, we will be visiting like 5 houses in a day or it could be more. There might be a situation where you feel uncomfortable to sit together with the relatives because of your odour/smell. Here is what you can do to keep dry and smell good. While in the car, turned on the air condition or open the window. This will make you sweating beautiful baju kurung to dry faster. Hence, you will no longer afraid to be sitting on the table eating ketupat and rendang. Or you can also wear you deodorant. Just roll it baby!

It smells good 

4. Tummy

Please pay extra attention to your tummy. It might get bigger as it will expand to another level. I can hear some girls are screaming over there. Chill! Hari Raya is Muslims celebration after successfully fasting in Ramadhan. During Hari Raya, they will be enjoying foods like ketupat, rendang or any other dishes depends on the location/country that you are in of course. After one month of fasting, most of us will  be eating crazily. This ain't good peeps. *reminder to myself* Be moderate in whatever that you're consuming. Seriously. Eat 1 piece of ketupat palas and kuah lodeh in Pak Long's house. Later in Mak Ngah Una eat 5 pieces of her delicious layered kek/kek lapis. This will eventually resulted in a flat and nice tummy : )

Flat tummy : )

5. Teeth

After eating rendang tok, assam laksa, kuah lodeh and etc remember to check your teeth. Please. It's important. Or else DON'T smile or talk to anyone. -.-" Seriously, please check your teeth so that there'll be no unwanted food stuck on your teeth. Ask your twin sister whether your teeth is clean or not? too shy to ask people? Silently run/walk to the toilet and look at the mirror. This will make your pretty smile even prettier . Keep smiling : )

jom bersugi : B

As for your information, this useful tips I obtained from my reading. Let show some care by sharing useful information/knowledge. Reading is a good habit. Provided that you read positive articles/books/magazines. Come and join me to follow all the tips (if possible) so that we will be the most beautiful woman on earth on this Hari Raya or every day!

Lastly, happy fasting every one. Don't forget your responsibility to pay Zakat. Let grab the pahala people because Ramadhan is leaving us :'(

Thank you for reading and have a great day darlings! From the very bottom of my heart : )

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Pocket said...

oh oh,
nice attempt to write in english sis,
hey! do not forget a few other things like bring along your safety pin.
this would really work in emergencies, floss wire is small enough to carry around in your handbag... so why not bring some,
as u know all those rendang can really stick to your teeth and left u with ...unsettled feelings.

all and all stay biyutiful!
and have a blast enjoying raya:D

KhaiRin : anies said...

salam ramadan!

p/s jemput empunya blog ni utk join GA sy ;-)

Dhiya Fariza said...

read it thoroughly! :D


heehheee... nnt bley la belanja an... hehehe... salam ramadan... :)

nurul said...

nice tips!