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Friday, 13 April 2012


assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

officially , starting from tomorrow onward i'll be sitting in an examination . fuuhhh fuuhh . please go away all the laziness . seriously this is bothering me . what can bother you most than having a straight 4 papers in 3 days ? nothing i guess . *omongan seorang pelajar* kesian sungguh . 

okay peeps , let's cut it short . 15th April is my anniversary and i'm having an examination . yet , i can still smile . senyum tak perlu kata apa apa . even terpaksa postpone any celebration plans . padan muka ain +.+ "

soo , to all accounting students in my Uni i wish you all the best in your common test . especially dearest friend . yeahhh , you know who you are . nak kena mention ke ? ramai sangat . segan lah . heuheuheu . and mr.boifie jugak . 

loveeeee : )

thanks for reading . may you have a great weekend ahead . sebab ain punya weekend diselubungi tests . piluuuuuuu 

8 luahan:

Dhiya Fariza said...

all the best :D

Azie Azman said...

ain punya anniversary 15 april?
kite 15 mac! haha! best sgt kot 15hb ni kannn.. ;)

btw, good luck ain!
jom sama2 study..jangan nak malas2..
cubetttt ain nanti ;)


hehe... bulan madu kite ttp berjalan lancar... jgn risau es dear... good luck 4 your test. test. test. test..... hehehe... kata ade 4 test yg "common" kate ko... haha...

cik-bakal-puan. :) said...

kau kenapa amin gile?

princess said...

@Dhiya Fariza thanks sweetie : ) you too .

princess said...

@Azie Azman heeee . dah boleh igt dah . tarikh lebih kurang je . bulan je lain . hee . happy belated anniversary azie : )

ok , tak malas . takut kena cubit . lebam tuuuu . hikhik . all the best too azie

princess said...

@MOHAMMAD AMIN BIN ZULKEPLI *blushing* thanks yayang . only one paper left . yes yes ! boleh lah dating . *overexcited*

princess said...

@cik-bakal-puan. :) kau kenapa ? hahah . thanks atas ucapan ka before test aku pg td . emang bernassss . kelas lah kau ! lebiu moreee