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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

short and simple .

assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

damn . it's so freaking stressful over here .

where ? office of course .

i really miss those days in my campus .

peeps , dont waste your precious time and life and a student .

and , i am dead serious .

it is nothing compared to your REAL life as a staff .

hoping for the best  =.='

p/s : Dear Allah . give me strength : )

3 luahan:

hazirah maulizan said...

eh, awak da keje da?

hazirah maulizan said...

eh, aah la. lpe. mesti awak praktikal jugak kan. apela kte ni. hehe.

princess said...

hehe . aah la hazirah . kte sme ngn awk laa . practical lg . next year lps grad bru keje . yay ! :)