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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

the best experience ever !

assalamualaikum and hi everyone : )

okay . i had an amazing day last friday . guess what ? i watched the quarter final football match between negeri sembilan and felda united .

to be honest . it was so tiring . can you imagine . after 7.5 hours of working , we have to rush to go home before we headed to stadium paroi that night . no wonder i fall asleep beside the driver . =.=

but Alhamdulilah . we manage to reach there before the game started . yeaaahh . there were soooooo many people . unfortunately , that uncle took our ticket . pity us . no memory to be kept >.<

see . i told you . thousands of people : )
we just sit at the stairs . so that we could be exactly in the middle of the field . ho yeeaaaahhh ! it was so amazing . the feeling of watching it live in front of my eyes . love it ! i thought i would be sleepy throughout the game . but surprisingly , i'm not . i was cheering all the times . screaming like mad girl . -.-' pity myself . hehe

negeri sembilan managed to score 3 goals ! what a surprise . hobin jang hobin : ) and the crowds that night were the best crowds i have ever seen . towards the end of the game , all the crowds were making wave . hell yeah ! the stadium that were occupied more than thousands people were making a wave . *ombak* . it was really cool !!

the scoreboard !! 
it was almost midnight before we headed home . all the way to serting . only Allah knows how tired we were that awesome night ! thanks Love for asking me out to watch that match ! i really had so much fun that night . thanks again mr. boifie : )

thanks for reading and take care peeps : )

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hehe, nnt kite tgk final plk ea kt s.alam... hobin jang hobin!!!

princess said...

Yay . Tak sabarnye kan . Hehe . Hope n9 dapat la bwk blik piala malaysia tu kannnn . Hehe : )

blog suka suki said...

untung la dpt tgok

Azie Azman said...

ain..pasni jom tgk bola dekat bukit jalil pulak ;)

princess said...

hehe . rugi lah tak join . final jom tgk